Leave the Leaves!

leave the leaves

The environmental impact of leaf blowers is awful and so is the carbon footprint of gathering up and transporting your yard waste to facilities to process. Instead of buying fertilizer this year for your garden, save your leaves and make your own!

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Why Leaf Blowers are the ‘Devil’s Hairdryers’

green living

David Dudley coined the phrase “The Devil’s Hair Dryer” when referring to the ubiquitous leaf blower. Now cities like Santa Monica, Palo Alto and Newport Beach are issuing bans on leaf blowers in an effort to reduce noise and air pollution.

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What to Plant In the Fall for a Stunning Spring Garden

Green living

Whether you're a newbie gardener or an experienced green thumb, knowing what to grow in the fall can be challenging. You need to take your location and the typical winter weather into account. Keep reading to learn tips on gardening in the fall for a beautiful spring garden.

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