The Greenmoxie Tiny House Project

We take responsibility for our impact on the earth. We recycle, upcycle and are continuously striving to waste less, consume less and need less. So it’s no surprise that the tiny house movement really ticked all our boxes.

I’m not talking about a tiny house that is essentially a fancy trailer that needs to hook into the grid and sewage system, I mean a sustainable, off-grid, eco-friendly home that is a comfortable place to stay. The idea of living mortgage-free only added to the appeal. Combining the unique aesthetic of innovative designer David Shephard and the craftsmanship and ingenuity of builder Ian Fotheringham, we set out to build our Greenmoxie tiny house.
  • 340 sq ft
  • Sustainably Built
  • Completely Off-Grid
  • Starting at $65,000 US
  • All the Specs →

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Simply elegant & sustainable

Through the design phase, we consulted with experts on solar systems and rain-water catchment and with two architects who specialize in the green living space.


Thoughtfully designed and constructed

As the build began, we walked this path with excitement and enthusiasm and then, at one point there, we were running down the hill completely out of control. The more we built, the more ideas we had.
We put all the things into this mighty little tiny house. And while we blew our budget to smithereens, what we ended up with is the most beautiful, functional, innovative green home that is completely off-grid.


Turn-key home, cabin, or bunkie

This baby has it all (even the kitchen sink) and is ready to be lived in—a turnkey solution to any housing crisis you may be having. Whether you want to live in this beauty or use it as a holiday home or Bunkie, the tiny house is the panacea to high housing prices and small spaces.

Photos by Gary Mulcahey

The Greenmoxie Tiny House

  • Building Envelope
  • 30’ 10 ton custom built trailer platform
  • Triple axle (rated for 7,000lbs each) with 16″ rims
  • Electric Brakes on all 3 axels, slipper springs, pintle ring hitch
  • Wood Frame Construction 16″ OC Studs
  • Norbord OSB wall, ceiling, & floor sheathing, and house wrap
  • Reclaimed Modern Windows (+ Custom clerestory Windows in the loft)
  • Spray foam insulation – roof R35, walls R22, & floor R35
  • Shou Sugi Ban (Cedar Siding charred and sealed with linseed oil)
  • V-match pine interior
  • Hardwood oak flooring throughout
  • Reclaimed barn wood ceilings
  • Corrugated black metal roof & Eavestrough
  • HVAC Systems
  • Dickinson 9000 propane heater
  • Marine Stoves Little Cod® wood burning stove 10,000 BTU’s Low to 28,000 BTU’s High, [ 3 – 8 Kw.]
  • Eccotemp FVI-12-LP High Capacity Propane Tankless Water Heater
  • Lunos E2 Heat Recovery Ventilator System
  • 2–30LB Propane Tanks
  • Electrical Systems
  • 12V DC
  • 1kW Solar PV system with custom racking system
  • 11kW of stored energy
  • 4 Surrette AGM 6V, 460AHr Batteries
  • Tri Star Charge Controller
  • Flush mounted articulated ceiling lights
  • LED low voltage lighting throughout
  • AC inverter for four recepticles
  • Water Systems
  • First Flush® Roof water recovery system
  • 200L rain barrel
  • Three Stage Ceramic Water Filter Home Drinking Purifier
  • 2 x SHURflo 3.0 Revolution Water Pumps
  • 200L on board filtered water storage, w/ filling pump, and separate on-demand pump & accumulator
  • 200L grey water holding tank
  • WEMA water gauges
  • Appliances
  • Atwood Helium propane refrigerator/freezer
  • Unique propane 24” range
  • Sun-Mar Excel composting toilet
  • DC powered range vent
  • Features & Fixtures
  • Dual-pitched roof for improved airflow in the loft
  • Custom Full size stand up shower with rainfall shower head and pan
  • 10″ (thermal) Ecofan®
  • Superwinch LT2000 Utility Winch (for drawbridge deck)
  • Custom Glass Railing in loft
  • Custom kitchen cabinets & counter tops
  • Custom bathroom sink, cabinet, faucet
  • Stainless steel kitchen sink with pot filling faucet
  • Custom Moveable dining table with Garelick Gas Rise Pedestal
  • Garelick flush mounted socket x 3 (dining, coffee, outdoor configurations)
  • Custom Baltic Birch shelving with plenty of storage space
  • 4-speaker integrated sound system w/ Alpine amp and remote control panel
  • Custom Built Baltic Birch Bench w/ Sunbrella custom covered cushions
  • Custom Made stacking wood & metal stools
  • Electric Draw Bridge Deck
  • Metal entry door with combination lock
  • Reclaimed 100 year old brass portal window and exterior light fixture
  • Custom Reclaimed barn wood sliding bathroom door

Who’s Involved

  • David Shephard

    Greenmoxie Co-Founder

    David ShephardThe idea for building the Greenmoxie Tiny House started with David and quickly inspired the other members of the team. David is an obsessive entrepreneur with interests in advertising, publishing, renewable energy, and sustainable business models.

  • Ian Fotheringham

    Green building consultant

    Ian FotheringhamAs an advocate for green building, Ian will be designing the house, drafting the plans, and making it as eco-friendly as possible while maximizing our resources. Contact Ian.

  • Cornelius Quiring

    Storyteller & helping hand

    Cornelius QuiringI will be documenting the entire process and sharing our day to day activities as we build the tiny getaway. I will also help out by holding boards, swinging a hammer, or whatever needs doing.

90 thoughts on “The Greenmoxie Tiny House Project

      1. Paula

        What could you do different to make it more affordable. I really like the design but I am afraid I can’t afford the price; especially since I’ll have to buy a small plot of land. What would just the shell cost? I have alot of stuff I could use right now that I have been accumulating for a tiny house/whatever. I would prefer a tiny house over an older rv but can only maybe come up with $40K

  1. Glen Newdick

    I’ve been looking for a Small(Tinny ) home to retire into in a couple years and I think this is the first one I have seen that would suit most of my needs very well done and large enough to actually live in for extended period. Do you guys plan to building more homes like this one or would you consider building another one? I’m a 51 year old Navy Submariner in my 19th year of service looking to leave the Navy in a couple years( 20 years contract and pensionable at that point) and live small and on a fixed budget. Greenmoxie has the layout and size i would require to fit my music collection and system into I think. very nice touch the portal window 😉

  2. Jerrie Spencer

    Love this house – how much? I have a few personal tweaks but this is beautifully built. You can email me direct. Thanks J Spencer

  3. Dianne Longson

    Love this design but I’m in Australia so building it for me would be a problem . Are the plans accessible and what would they cost?

    1. Bob Jordan

      Great Job, well designed, nice pictures.

      Will you be making blueprints and construction plans and resources available at good prices.
      I’d love to see short informative videos of each stage of construction.

      Also be sure to include the technical systems like solar equipment, panel, batteries, PV panels, 1st flush diverter, filter system etc. in the video tour please.

        1. Stephanie McDonald

          I’ve been looking for months and your design is far and away my fave. I’d love to purchase plans! PLEASE!

          Stephanie in South Carolina
          Tiny House countdown – 2018

          1. Bob Kramer

            HI David-
            Bob Kramer here in Pebble Beach. It is my understanding that since the Green Moxie is on wheels, it would not be assessed as a permanent improvement to my home….is there any precedent for that.

            We have a location for the Green Moxie but it is NOT accessible by road. So my question is, can it be built on site?? Would be very interested in purchasing plans with specs when available.

            Thank you for sharing such an innovative design for living.
            Bob and Victoria Kramer

          2. David Shephard

            Hi Bob, Thank you for your kind words. Although a trip to Pebble Beach sounds like an awesome idea, it’s not really practical as it would take several months to build you a Greenmoxie Tiny House. I think the best we can do is sell you plans which we are currently working on. I will put you on our mailing list and inform you as soon as we have them for sale.

  4. Doug

    Kudos. I have a permanent tiny home with many of these same features and appliances and I’d like to think that it’s one of the better designed units out there. I love what you guys put together there… knowing what some of that cost (holy cow are those toilets pricey!) I can understand why you blew your budget. But it came out great.
    Wishing you the best of luck as you venture into production!

  5. David Shephard

    Hi Carl,

    The truth is this is a prototype and one of a kind at the moment and we haven’t thought much about pricing. It probably cost us more than it should have because a great deal of this build was a learning experience. This unit is more on the luxury side and would fetch a premium. With the options listed I would think If we were to sell this unit it would probably be around $75k US.

  6. Peg Shanley

    I’ve been following the Tiny House movement and receiving Tiny House Swoons for years. Your project is one of the most impressive I’ve seen yet!
    Please include me on your email list…I might soon be in the market to buy or build a Tiny House and begin the off grid lifestyle!
    Thanks so much!

  7. Martin

    Hello! I like it very much! We are currently looking for some place for living for my mother and I don’t prefer senior houses… Are you able to deliver this tiny house to Europe? Do you have a dealership here? Thank you… Martin

  8. Cj Elkins

    I guess I missed the width of a tiny house. I noticed it is 30 foot long but how wide is it. This is a very stunning accomplishment. I love it

        1. David Shephard

          Hi Rebecca, you would need a truck that can haul 12,000lbs. All manufacturers make a pickup that can do this. And yes the house is licensed for the road, it is classified as an RV (recreational vehicle).

  9. Paul Ilmer

    Quite an item. Living in such in winter seems like it might really be a bit clostrophobic. I’m a Chicagoan so I’m familiar w/cold and snow. But, imho, this beauty would be wonderful where it stays relatively warm.

  10. Stephanie

    I also would love to buy plans if you ever choose to share with those in other countries where pick up is prohibitive! Planning my first THOW and this one ticks every box!


  11. Frank Raniolo

    Great work! I’ve been working on a design for about 9 months, that is very similar. I even have a retractable deck on my plans, lol. I have my trailer (24′), but I broke my leg mountain biking, so I have to wait to start building… Thanks for sharing this! Good Luck!

  12. Angela

    Looking into purchasing a tiny home or yurt for my family. My SO is well over 6′ tall–about how tall are the ceilings in the living room, shower, and sleeping areas? Looks beautiful!!

  13. Jennifer Buttino

    What a great TH! I love what you’ve done! I probably missed it, but how much would this cost with everything here? Can you send it to Arizona, USA.? How long does one take to build? Would love to hear from you!

      1. Erin Arch

        What about the “cost with everything here” part of her question? I would like to know, too. I’m in northeastern US.


        1. David Shephard

          Hi Erin, pricing can range from $65-75k US depending on the options. Our show model has some up-cycled/recycled components, like the windows, the barn wood, the composting toilet, and the refrigerator, the brass portal & light fixture. Kijiji was truly a goldmine for this project. For example, the windows were obtained from a local salvage and we scored them for only $650, they are less than 3 years old and in perfect condition. We priced the windows new, and they are worth almost $10k with tax! So our philosophy is that if you’re prepared to accept recycled or up-cycled components, this can reduce the build cost considerably. This can also make each build a little different (or custom) because we have to work around salvaged items that may not be exactly the same dimensions each time. On the plus side, this makes each house unique like you. I hope that answers your question and many others who have asked about cost.

  14. Mahi

    This looks amazing! It’s got swag and elegance all at once !! This is something I’d love to own !❤️ Is it possible to get my tiny home outside Canada ?!

  15. Mary Henricksen

    Love, but the one thing that I question is the lack of a railing on the stairs. Total paranoia thing for me – fell and broke ankle a few years ago. Is it possible to include without ruining the look?

  16. Blake

    How do I buy one? My fiance and I have been looking for something exactly like this. I already emailed you guys asking for more info. We are getting married in April and will need one around then. Is that feasible?

    1. Nikki Fotheringham

      This tiny house is in Ontario, Canada. We make custom tiny houses so we would be happy to make you one too! Obviously, shipping a tiny house would be prohibitively expensive, but if you live in Ontario, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

  17. Phil

    I’m not really familiar with all of these off-the-grid utilities and what it takes to keep them running, do you know roughly about how much it cost’s monthly or yearly to replenish the propane, batteries, etc.

    1. David Shephard

      Hi Phil, The batteries should last anywhere from 5-10 years depending on how many charging cycles they go through. Propane will likely be about $30-50 a month depending on your use.

  18. Brett Panelli

    Great job on the Tiny House guys! Really beautiful.
    Wondering if you could come up with a design (maybe custom) to accommodate another sleeping loft?
    Please advise.
    Thank you

    1. David Shephard

      Hi Brett, Thanks for the compliments. We have another design that we are working on that has a double sloped roof that meets in the middle and allow for 2 lofts. We’re working on new designs and plans and hope to release them early in the new year.

  19. Debra Nixon

    Hi David,
    As a Holistic Health Practitioner /Urban Farmer/Life & Spirit Coach, I am currently fulfilling my life purpose in service to others for better health solutions. Since the beginning of time,( just as with your Green Moxie Tiny Home) the Earth has sustained man kind supplying all we need for good health and happiness. Over the past 60 years, the food industry around the world has become a money making machine that uses the American government funded commodities such as corn and soy in all processed foods which is a direct connection to Disease and illness around the world. It is my purpose and mission to educate people of the earths healing medicine (FOOD) & (HERBS) that has been a gift from the Universe for all people and educating others in making conscious life style changes that can give them good health and happiness will be the result. I have been spending much time in prayer and know I will be traveling in a Tiny Home to fulfill my life`s purpose and I wondered if your company has ever considered connecting with a person such as me who will lead by example and share this information using your Tiny Home as a model for others to copy. I am putting this thought out to you as the Universe has encouraged to ask for what I need to begin my traveling mission and so it is. In the mean time please be very proud of your model home for it can truly be an example to the world of how to get back to the basics and leave all the material world and stresses behind to gain good health and happiness once again for many years to come. The next generations are depending on us to lead the way and so I commend you and your home for taking that role on and show casing sustainable living. Have you also ever considered creating a Tiny Home community where all life in these Tiny Designs and share their food, livestock, and green living practices to improve the current devastating direction our world has been leaning toward. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of others. I say let it begin with us!

    1. David Shephard

      A pellet stove could easily be installed in place of the small wood burning stove. I will caution you that the tiny stove throws a lot of heat and is rated for 500 sq-ft, anything larger would be unbearable at night for sleeping. I will add you to our email list for plans.

  20. Chuck

    Great Design! Have you considered a version with a bed(room) on the ground floor? Many disabled cannot navigate stairs.

  21. Lea

    This house is amazing and exactly what I am looking for. Is it still for sale? I live in the US (Colorado) but I can do the research about bringing down here and picking it up. Do you know it’s snow load and wind rating? I am super interested! You all did an excellent job

    1. Nikki Fotheringham

      Hey there, it is still for sale and survives out here in Ontario just fine – so I’m sure it would be fine there…tight as a drum….let me know if we can be of any help with logistics…

  22. bryan

    awesome design and layout! I’ve read most of these comments and i read that it might be possible to ship over the border to north west of US ie California. What would the shipping cost to have it shipped to California?

  23. Jason


    Do you have any videos of the deck being raised/lowered or how it is done? I’m interested in how you have the Superwinch configured to raise/lower the deck. ie. does it require one to hook/unhook a cable, etc. I would like to do something similar possibly using the side of a shipping container, but don’t want to have to hook/unhook cables or have pieces on the side that could accidentally be tripped on. Looking for something like a “one button” up/down.


    1. David Shephard

      Hi Jason,

      The cable is recessed in the wall and we simply use the power winch to unwind the hook and cable and then connect it to the eye on the deck and power lift it up and same to lower it. The winch is hidden behind a small door on the side of the house.

  24. Luis Hernandez

    Great looking and self sustainable, it doesn’t get any better than that! I would love to have one of those here in the southwest so please put me on your email list for plans. Best wishes in your new designs.

  25. Chiara

    Love love love this house! We have two kids though… any chance you could fit couple of wall folding bunkbeds or something similar in it?

  26. Laurie Cooke

    Wow! So great! Just wondering why you couldn’t drive up there from here (Washington state) and haul it home? I would love to be on a mailing list for all your future work! Thanks!

  27. sherie otteson

    I LOVE this home! Love the fact it is self sustainable! Could you put in a Japanese soaking tub instead of the shower? Are the plans for sale yet?


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