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Why Women Love Tiny Houses

Tiny houses are a way to save money and live a more ecologically friendly lifestyle. Millennials and baby boomers are the largest group of enthusiasts, and among that group, women are the majority.

In fact, 55% of tiny-home owners are women, versus the 45% of men who own tiny houses. Part of this reason is that women want to downsize after large life changes, such as becoming an empty nester. Of all the singles who are over 18 years of age, 53.2% of them are women.


Another big reason is the cost. A typical, newly-built home is 2,400 square feet and has a price tag of $275,000. Compare this to the average tiny home, which is about 400 square feet and only costs around $60,000. Even if you splurge on special materials and extra luxuries, you can still get a home for $65,000. A modest home with the same materials and luxuries would easily cost $200,000.

More than just owning these homes, women are also leading the push to learn how to build them. Construction is typically a male dominated field, and women are trying to break into the industry. One workshop on how to use power tools has an audience that usually consists of 80% – 90% women.

If you are looking for tips and advice on how to build your tiny home, you can read many useful articles on this tiny house blog.  Tiny Society specializes in tips and planning for DIY tiny home builders.

With all the ways to live your own lifestyle, tiny homes are becoming more and more popular. Everyone loves the compact sizes and ease of maintenance. Yet the people who love these houses most, are women. This makes it clear, that the future of tiny homes, is female.


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2 thoughts on “Why Women Love Tiny Houses

  1. Emilia Shanti

    I love tiny houses, not because of singleness but because they’re cozy. However, they’re great for vacation, not for permanent living. Also, having a garden nearby is very important to me.

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