DIY face cream recipe

Make your Own Moisturizing Face Cream

Want a moisturizer that isn’t packed with harmful chemicals or tested on animals? What better way to ensure that you are using an ethical, healthy product than to make it your own damn self! Here is a really great DIY moisturizer recipe from Vanessa at the Responsible Buyer.

1/4 cup of two of the following:

  • shea butter = lots of vitamin A and vitamin E; great moisturizer; promotes healing (helpful if you have blemished skin); good for dry skin
  • cocoa butter = full of antioxidants (fight off free radicals); reduces stretch marks; contains many fatty acids which moisturize your skin
  • beeswax = can act as a protective shield on your skin; anti-inflammatory
6 Tbsp. Oils (use at least 1):
  • coconut oil = many fatty acids; anti-viral and anti-fungal; moisturizer; can protect skin from sunburn
  • almond oil = vitamin E and B; sun protector; decreases skin-aging
  • olive oil = anti-inflammatory; prevents skin from drying out; anti-microbial (great against skin infections)
  • avocado oil – lots of vitamin E, A and D; contains omega-3-fatty acids; full of sterolin (softens skin); great for dry and older skin
  • jojoba oil – great smell; moisturizer; anti-bacterial; lots of ceramides (balances hydration)

1/3 cup Gel :

  • aloe vera gel = very soothing clear gel; perfect for acne-prone skin;  great for the treatment of sunburns; moisturizer; anti-aging properties

1 tsp. of one of these extracts:

  • vanilla extract = anti-bacterial; nice smell; skin-cleanser; includes many different B-vitamins
  • green tea extract = lots of vitamin E; anti-aging properties

Sterilize your jars by putting them into boiling water. Use a double boiler to melt the butters and oils together. If you don’t have a double boiler, use a glass or metal bowl in a pot of hot water.

Once all the ingredients are melted, remove from heat and allow to cool a little. Then put them in a blender with the aloe vera. Blend for two minutes then add the vanilla and/or green tea extract. Blend for another two minutes.

You can store the cream in the jars for 4-5 weeks in a cool dark place.

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