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Foods The Relieve Lower Back Pain

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Most lower back pain is the result of inflammation and some simple changes to your diet can help to reduce the inflammation that causes back pain. Anti-inflammatory diets include kale, turmeric, red grapes, olive oil, ginger, and salmon.

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Could You Live Off-Grid?

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Living off-grid has come to mean more than just removing yourself from the energy grid. Now growing your own food, using renewable energy and supplying your own water are all part of the off-grid experience.

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How to Plan an Epic Staycation

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Slow down your heavy beating heart, my friend. Put away the technology and seek refuge from your social media jungle. Rest your weary bones by breathing life back into them. Discover your inner crazy, nourish your creativity and fill your cup. What you need, you disenfranchised soul, is a staycation.

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