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How To Use Kratom Powder – All You Need to Know

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In traditional medicine, Kratom has been used to sooth aches, pains, fevers, diarrhoea and even in some cases manage addiction. Comparison can be drawn from indigenous people chewing on coca for energy in the Andes as Kratom can be used in the same way.

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Natural Summer DIY Face Masks

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Summer sun leave your face dry? We've got the perfect thing to help you keep that glowing complexion without using chemicals.

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Tips to Reset Your Sleep Schedule After Travel

cure insomnia naturally

Jet lag is a necessary evil when you want to cross multiple time-zones in a few hours. Although you can take several precautions like early sleeping and considerate eating, you will have a broken sleep schedule by the time you land.

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5 Best Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas on your Cat

get rid cat fleas naturally

Arg, fleas! Those pesky little pests that will drive you and your pets mad come late summer. If you don't want to carpet bomb the house and your furry friends with poisons, there are ways you can rid your home and cats of fleas naturally.

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The Hidden Dangers of Snacking


If you have children, you’ll know that snacks are required for any activity that exceeds thirty minutes. Snacking has not always been part of our daily routines, but both parents and children crave the processed foods that provide a welcome reprieve in our busy lifestyles. There are, however, inherent issues with grazing.

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