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6 DIY Compost Bins that are Borderline Genius

DIY compost bin tips

You have the power to create your own incredibly rich soil with the scraps from your kitchen. Mastering the 'dark art' of composting is like having a super power. It not only makes your home greener, it also takes the sting out of throwing away food that has passed its sell-by date. And come the spring... you'll use your old food to create new food! Here are some great ideas for DIY compost bins on the cheap.

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Free Barn Owl Box Plan


Barn owls are beautiful and dedicated to keeping your local rodent population in check. It doesn’t matter what kinds of

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How Green is Your Cruise?

cruise ship polluting

While convenience is certainly a pro, what are the environmental impacts of going on a cruise?

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Build Your Own Hammock Stand

Hammock stand

If you’ve got no trees or posts in your yard, how can you hang your hammock? Luckily, to help you save money, we are here to help you build your own hammock stand.

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