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The Hidden Dangers of Snacking


If you have children, you’ll know that snacks are required for any activity that exceeds thirty minutes. Snacking has not always been part of our daily routines, but both parents and children crave the processed foods that provide a welcome reprieve in our busy lifestyles. There are, however, inherent issues with grazing.

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DIY Beeswax Lip Balm Recipe


Keep your lips luscious with this amazing DIY natural beeswax lip balm recipe. It’s the perfect cure for cracked or dry lips for sensual lips that taste delectable.

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How Nootropics Make You Smarter

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The science of nootropics is making people smarter and helping combat brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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Minion Tiny House is as Adorable as you Think

Minion Tiny home

Meet Bert, the tiny house inspired by the Minion movies that can grow bigger over time. Design firm Studio Precht joined forces with Baumbau, a tiny house builder, to create this incredibly fun treehouse that will be available in the spring 2020. The periscope design allow you to see above the treeline so you get the best of the woods and a view.

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DIY Natural Shimmer Eye Shadow

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Mica is a naturally-occurring mineral that comes in a range of dazzling colors from gold to charcoal. It’s nature’s glitter! Here's how to create shimmer eye shadows using this wonderful natural product.

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