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Honeymoon Destinations with a Difference

green wedding2

Combing relaxation with a bit of adventure and excitement is one of the best ways to take in a new destination and experience it in a variety of ways - and here we’ve put together some of the best places to do just that for your honeymoon!

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Natural Black Fly Repellents

black fly repellent

Eeep! its black fly season and if those little critters are taking chunks out of you, there are ways to fight back. Traditional chemical repellents don’t do the trick and are full of harmful toxins, but there are some natural ways to beat back those little beasties.

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6 Upcycled Garden Ponds you can Make this Weekend

DIY garden ponds

Garden ponds are little wildlife oases that can really level up the zen factor of your backyard. Picture it now; you sipping your morning coffee mesmerized by the flitting of the dragonflies or the lazy swish of goldfish tails. Better still, making your backyard pond from these awesome upcycled items can mean you get more zen for less dough. Now that's relaxing!

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How to Make Your Backyard a Magical Place This Summer

camping recipes

Summers are made for backyard camping, barbecues, laying on the lawn and looking at the clouds and running through the sprinkler on a hot day. Here's how to make your backyard an irresistible haven this summer using mostly upcycled and recycled items.

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Is Gaming Environmentally Friendly?

Reduce reuse recycle

Gamers are a growing demographic of society, and with this growth comes a responsibility to use our hobby to make the world better. Making changes in product packaging can go a long way to helping the environment.

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