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How to Make a Swedish Log Stove

We are always experimenting with new ways to make a cooking fire. The art of cooking on a fire makes for the most delicious and rewarding meals. Unless it’s raining, or windy, or you can’t find any wood, or your matches got wet. That’s when the Swedish log stove comes in.

Ok, so you’re not going to pack one of these in your backpack, but if you have the time and a good chainsaw to cut wood, this stove is really the cats pajamas. It lights easily, is impervious to rain and centralizes your heat so you can cook safely and quickly.

Select a log (hardwoods are better) and make three cuts about 85% of the way down the log so that the top of the log looks like a pie cut in slices. Alternatively, you can split the log and then hold it together with a piece of wire.

Gather thin strips of birch bark or dry grass and jam it into the cuts at the top. Light your fire and feed it with small sticks until the log catches. There will be a  flame shooting out of the top and a little smoke, but it will soon settle down to a steady burn that will last 2-3 hours.

While this is the ULTIMATE cooking fire, it also makes a very pretty fire for festive occasions. Give it a try and let me know if it worked for you.

You can see a video on how to make one here:

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