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Brilliant Natural Swimming Pools

Eco-friendly pool

Pool's out for summer! Say no to energy-guzzling, chloride drenched swimming pools and yes to natural swimming pools that you can make yourself. I don't mean icky, slimy ponds that smell like sweaty feet; meet he new generation of stunning natural pond pools.

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Homemade Natural Toothpaste Recipes


Does your mouth hanker after something fresh, natural and homemade? Well, we've got just the thing for you. If fluoride gives you the creeps or you just don't like the idea of chemicals in toothpaste, then just go ahead and make your own! Check out our DIY homemade natural toothpaste recipes here!

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13 Upcycled Lamp Projects You can Make at Home

upcycling ideas

Upcycled lamps could not be easier to make. Simply get a lamp fixture from your local hardware store and then add a little imagination. You probably have tons of things around your home you could use! Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Easy Peasy DIY Lip Balm Recipes

Green living: Natural lip balms

Winter can really dry out your lips, or perhaps your perfect pucker just hasn't been the same since the great cooties outbreak in the 1990's. Here are some really awesome recipes for making your very own lip balms.

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