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6 Best Herbs to Ease Anxiety

natural DIY cure insomnia

Are you experiencing anxiety, stress or insomnia? There are many natural ways to combat anxiety and ease the physical and emotional impacts. Here are just some of the herbs you can use to help you relax and get a good night's sleep.

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Grow your Own Cocktail Garden

gardening tips

This is not your grandma's herb garden... Make friends and influence people with your own cocktail herb garden. We show you how to grow and what to grow for organic, locally-grown cocktails. Yup! That just happened!

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Natural Black Fly Repellents

black fly repellent

Eeep! its black fly season and if those little critters are taking chunks out of you, there are ways to fight back. Traditional chemical repellents don’t do the trick and are full of harmful toxins, but there are some natural ways to beat back those little beasties.

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5 Easy Ways to Upcycle an Old Trash Can

upcycled DIY projects

These sturdy objects are perfect for a variety of DIY projects. Trash cans are built to be water tight, easy to move around, and long lasting. Take care of your old trash can the green way, with one of these 5 easy upcycling projects.

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How to Create a Healthy Nursery for Your New Baby

baby room ideas

With all the scary stories about VOCs in paint and cancer-causing chemicals in everything from teething toys to baby powder, you may be nervous about the prospect of creating a safe environment for the new addition to your family. Well, rest assured (while you can still get some sleep) because we’re here to help you create a healthy space for your sprog.

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DIY Seed Bombs for Guerrilla Gardeners

Seed bombs 5

A staple in the green living arsenal, the seed bombs are ready made planting factories just waiting for a friend to toss them in a bit of dirt (then again, who isn’t?) These clever little creations are seeds which have been encapsulated with soil and bound in clay. If you are walking down the street and spy a little crack in the pavement, just toss your seed bomb into any crevice or patch of soil you find. With the first rains, your seed bomb will bloom into a lovely flower, veggie or herb. Here's how to make your own...

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Natural Herbicides for Lawns, Paving and Gardens

green living tips

Want your kids to roll around on the grass and play safely in the garden? Want your backyard to be a haven for pollinators, birds and butterflies? Then we’ve got just what you need – natural herbicides that are eco-friendly, easy and cheap!

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Free DIY Shipping Pallet Chair Plans


A friend in need is a friend indeed, but a friend who builds is better! So what do you get when you throw two architects and an eco-builder together? Awesome Adirondack chairs made from shipping pallets. You can make them too with a few tools, a couple of screws and shipping pallets.

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