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17 Essential Fall Camping Tips

camping recipes

That chill in the air shouldn't put you off the great outdoors, it should encourage more evenings around warm campfires and sleeping bag snuggles. Still, it is chilly, and a cold snap could be dangerous so use common sense and take these cold weather camping tips to heart.

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Make Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit

backcountry camping tips

When it comes to spending time in the wilderness, it pays to be prepared. Herbal remedies are ideal for treating a wide variety of non-life-threatening injuries and inconveniences when you're backcountry adventuring.

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How to Light a Fire in the Rain and Snow

bushcraft tips

There’s nothing worse than being wet and cold, and a fire is the perfect cure. The trouble is, if it’s been raining or snowing, all the firewood and kindling will be soaking. Luckily, there are several solutions, kindly provided by Mother Nature, that will help you to light a fire in inclement weather and have you warm and cozy in no time at all.

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Couple Create a Tiny House in a Van

Tiny Home

The "van life" trend is really catching on as more people live life on the road. Nomads Sophie and Richard converted a Dodge Sprinter into a tiny home on wheels with some ingenious design ideas that maximize the tiny space.

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