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The Guide to Camping in Green Style

camping lifestyle

We camp and hike and canoe because we love natural places and the animals who live in them. When we make a choice for green camping, we are choosing to preserve the environments we love so much.

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6 Breathtaking US Campsites to Explore this Spring

camping tips

For those who are afflicted with cabin fever, for the hammock dreamers and the barefoot strollers. For the campfire makers and the lake swimmers, the smores eaters and the star gazers. We know you’re longing for the spring and we’d like to fuel your outdoor dreams.

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Knife Making: Making a Handmade Foraging Knife

Bushcrafting knife video

I'm so excited to post this video! For my foraging in the spring, I decided to create a unique knife that would perfectly serve my bushcrafting needs. We took a trip out to master knife maker, Steven Tedford and made this awesome video.

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Top Ten Posts of 2017

tiny house plans

From the bottom of our green little hearts we thank you for enjoying our content and sharing it with others. Here are some of the things you liked most this year.

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