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How to Forage for Fiddlehead Ferns

how to cook fiddlhead ferns

Fiddleheads are the unopened leaves of the ostrich fern. Young fiddlehead fronds are a favorite among foragers as they are delicious. Want to know how to identify and cook fiddleheads? We've got your back!

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Bushcraft: Making Natural Rope from Cedar Bark

bushcraft skills

When you're out in the woods and need a thin rope or cord for making structures, or lashing down your tarp, the humble cedar tree provides. Learn how to make natural cordage from cedar bark in two minutes!

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6 Tips for Choosing a Survival Knife


The handiest tool for any outdoor adventure is a good knife. From making shelters to hunting and preparing food, your knife is the most important item in your backpack. Here are six things to look for when choosing a survival knife.

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This Caterpillar Wears it’s Old Heads as a Hat

camping tips

Meet the Mad Hatterpillar. We already know that Australia and New Zealand are jammed full of crazy creatures who want to eat your face, but when it comes to weird, this caterpillar takes the cake. This particular caterpillar holds on to it's old heads, piling them up to form a rather macabre chapeau.

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