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Healthy Pumpkin Pie Recipes

low-fat pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving doesn't always have to spell binge eating and regret as you slowly succumb to a turkey nap in front of the telly. You can eat, drink and actually be merry with these super healthy pumpkin pie recipes. Sugar-free, fat-free, guilt-free, vegan or raw; we've got you covered!

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Make your Own Moisturizing Face Cream

DIY face cream recipe

Want a moisturizer that isn't packed with harmful chemicals or tested on animals? What better way to ensure that you are using an ethical, healthy product than to make it your own damn self! Here is a really great DIY moisturizer recipe

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Greenmoxie Ebook for just $1.99!

Green Moxie - 055

Do you want to live a healthier, more eco-friendly life while saving tons of money? Damn skippy you do! We at Greenmoxie care deeply about you and your environment, so we're offering our Fun Guide to Sustainable Living at a discount so you can live leaner and greener.

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Ew! Clean your Yoga Mat Already!

Physically Fit Young Woman Practicing Yoga Childs Pose Living Ro

You're on your mat, concentrating on your pose, getting right into that stretch. Now take a deep breath in through your nose and Holy Hell in a Handbasket! What is that smell?! Your sweaty, moist yoga mat is a brilliant breeding ground for all manner of bacteria that can lead to bad smells that will zing your zen or even infections like staph. So clean your yoga mat already!

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Lavender Recipes to Calm your Ass Down


Feeling a little testy? Whether you’re bitter and twisted, bogged down with stress, are off coffee on a cleanse or just feeling a little grumpy, you need to some lavender to get you unbent. Lavender is a natural way to soothe and calm frazzled nerves and we have the easiest, tastiest recipes to help you calm down.

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BEST Veggie Burgers Ever!

veggie burger recipe

Veggie burgers are always a 'hit or miss' kind of thing for me. Until I found this recipe, and now even your most staunch meat-eater will be begging for more. These veggie burgers are easy to make, friggin delicious and a healthy way to enjoy your favorite fast food.

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DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe

Closeup of a beautiful woman with frizzy hairhttp://

You know that the day you're running late for work and have an important meeting is precisely the day that you'll look in the mirror and realize you forgot to wash your hair. Unless it's a meeting with a 90's grunge band, your greaseball hairdo isn't going to go down well. Fear not! We've got your back. This dry shampoo recipe is just the ticket to get your locks looking luscious.

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Labour Day Weekend Camping Trip

Camping recipes

As you get your camping gear together and head out into the woods for one last hurrah, we've put together a little weekend recipe collection for you. You don’t have to haul out everything including the kitchen sink, just a few thoughtfully planned ingredients will help you to create the kind of meals memories are made from.

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