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Driving Tips to Help the Environment

HWY (1969)

Going green is becoming part of popular culture. Making small changes is also seeing a growing popularity; more and more people are changing their light bulbs for high efficiency alternatives or using cloth grocery bags. But often times the biggest cause of pollution and harm to our environment is so big and obvious we look right past it: our cars.

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Are you a Traveler or a Tourist?

green travel blog

If you are a true traveler, in every culture, you will find things that resonate with you and things that don’t. You will question your own ideals and those that survive these challenges help you to define your true self.

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Gorgeous DIY Upcycled Teacup Lights

Upcycled ideas

I grew up in a tea-drinking family and I have always loved the delicacy of teacups. If you have some you particularly like, turn them into these gorgeous teacup lights. It's not as difficult as you may think and it should only take you about an hour to create these cute little lamps which are just my cup of tea. They also make really great gifts.

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Love in the Veggie Isle: Natural Aphrodisiacs


Want to put some va-va-voom in your love life? There's no need to medicate or slurp down some oysters. Instead, you can get all the zest you need in the veggie isle. Cook your paramour a little something featuring these vivacious veggies from our green living expert.

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Make your Own Moisturizing Face Cream

DIY organic face cream

Want a moisturizer that isn't packed with harmful chemicals or tested on animals? What better way to ensure that you are using an ethical, healthy product than to make it your own damn self! Here is a really great DIY moisturizer recipe

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Freak of Nature Fridays: Farting Bombardier Beetles

Green living: Bombardier Beetle

Meet the Bombardier Beetle. This little stink bug has the best defense mechanism of all; noxious chemical farts. That’s right, get on the wrong side of the Bombardier (Carabidae) and it will spray its poisonous farts in your general direction.

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