5 Buses Turned into Incredible Homes

Mint BUs 3

Tired of paying rent? Like to travel? Well then these incredible bus conversions may be all the inspiration you need to create a unique home for yourself and your family. Check out these incredible buses converted into lovely tiny homes.

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Eco-Friendly and DIY Bathroom Mat Ideas

Upcycled bath amt

Eco-friendly and DIY upcycled bath mats that you can make yourself will help to give your bathroom a little green pick-me-up. You don't have to spend a fortune just to keep your tootsies dry!

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5 Best Plants for your Office

Green living tips

Money doesn't grow on trees? Actually, it does! Bringing plants into your office space improves your indoor air quality and helps to reduce the stress levels of workers. Happy workers are more productive and have fewer sick days, so get thee to the garden depot at once.

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DIY Shipping Pallet Chair Plans


A friend in need is a friend indeed, but a friend who builds is better! So what do you get when you throw two architects and an eco-builder together? Awesome Adirondack chairs made from shipping pallets. You can make them too with a few tools, a couple of screws and shipping pallets.

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What has the Internet ever done for Us?

Tree and stumps on the monitor

Let’s start with a big question and then go from there. Today’s big question is this: How green is the internet? To be fair, it’s a question that’s already been asked - not least at a Google sponsored summit in 2013 that included Bill Gates as a keynote speaker. The answer is, perhaps inevitably, not quite as bright, shiny and cheerfully upbeat as all those shiny screensavers would have you believe. Lest we forget, the internet runs on electricity.

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Mowing the Lawn is Bad for your Health

lawn alternatives

I woke up this morning to find that summer had slipped in quietly during the night and made itself at home; a most welcome houseguest. And as I took my morning walk in the sultry air, the usual birdsong was joined by the white noise of cicadas and the pervasive buzz of lawnmowers. And that is what I wanted to talk to you about today; those buzzing mowers.

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