DIY Organic Bug Spray Recipe

Bug spray

If you get creeped out about spraying poison that can floor a mosquito all over your skin, all over your kids just before getting it in your mouth by accident, here's a great solution: Natural Homemade Bug Spray. You can make this handy homemade bug spray in no time at all and it keeps indefinitely.

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Green Clouds in Canada

Eco friendly computer

Data storage facilities are the muddy boots of the web and the C-suite executives who manage these enterprises have a growing responsibility to be green. Yet when it comes to battling climate change its often their staff and suppliers that are the muscle behind their words.

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DIY Father’s Day Gifts that are the Bomb Diggity


If you like you daily man-tenance regimen to be natural, the best way to ensure you aren’t using nasty chemicals is to make it your own damn self. Here is a great guide to everything you need to keep you looking even more handsome. 100% Manly. 100% Natural.

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Freaks of Nature Thursdays: Weird Weather

Green living: Mammatus Clouds photo by Share 2 Aware

Breast clouds, fish rain and sailing stones. Do you want your mind blown? Then read on brave adventurer… Nature is often odd, sometimes strange and regularly downright weird. Here are some freaky natural phenomenon some which can be explained and some of which, well….

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Earthquake in Nepal: Ways to Give

Nepal disaster donations

The devastation and loss in the Nepal earthquake seems to know no bounds. With the death toll at a staggering 4,000 and rising with many areas still out of contact, our hearts go out to those who are suffering. The best way to help is to donate much-needed funds to assist with relief efforts. You want to know that your money is going where it is needed, so here are some vetted charities where you can donate to the Nepalese disaster relief efforts.

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Upcyled, Recycled and Repurposed Pallets

sofa 2

Pallets provide the perfect, cheap, natural material to create beautiful upcycled things for your home and family. Get inspiration for your summer projects from these amazing recycled pallet ideas.

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