Healthy Pumpkin Pie Recipes

low-fat pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving doesn't always have to spell binge eating and regret as you slowly succumb to a turkey nap in front of the telly. You can eat, drink and actually be merry with these super healthy pumpkin pie recipes. Sugar-free, fat-free, guilt-free, vegan or raw; we've got you covered!

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DIY Man: Personal Hygiene Edition


If you like you daily man-tenance regimen to be natural, the best way to ensure you aren’t using nasty chemicals is to make it your own damn self. Here is a great guide to everything you need to keep you looking even more handsome. 100% Manly. 100% Natural.

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21 DIY Christmas Trees made from Recycled Materials

DIY book Christmas tree

18 Recycled and upcycled alternatives to traditional Christmas trees. Make your own recycled Christmas tree and post a picture to our Facebook page. You could win an Aquafarm aquaponics kit so that you can grow herbs in your kitchen with fish poop!

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DIY Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

DIY Dog treat recipe

Every dog must have its day and they must have healthy dog treats too! If you are tired of forking out a fortune for your party animal, then we are here to provide you with these amazing healthy DIY dog treat recipes. Make your own dog treats with organic ingredients so you can save money and ensure that your best friend eats well.

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Super Fun Outdoor Winter Activities


Ok, its cold and your propensity for hibernation has led to some serious snuggling, snacking and catching up on what the housewives of Orange County are up to. If you are getting a touch of cabin fever, here's how to head out and have fun even when its polar-vortex cold!

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43 Awesome Upcyled DIY Projects for Guys

upcycled Dinosaur coat rack

Upcycle and recycle your old junk to make cool new items your family will love. Amazing DIY guides and life hacks for guys of all ages. Make your family DIY Christmas gifts that will totally kick ass and get you off that naughty list!

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Campfire Bannock Recipe

Campfire bannock recipe

Today we are exploring a simple bannock campfire recipe that is perfect for the avid camper or campfire chef. You can fry it in a pan, bake it in a dutch oven, pop it on top of a stew like a dumpling or follow the traditional method of cooking over the coals on a stick.

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