Thanksgiving Table Decor Tips

Thanksgiving one

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this coming weekend (Canada), next month (the US) or just adding harvest appeal to your dining table, here’s how...

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Explaining Fall Colors

green travel

Ever wondered why leaves change color in the fall? Here's a full explanation on the chemistry behind your favorite fall colors.

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5 Halloween Candy Alternatives that Won’t Get your House Egged

Trick or treat

The surest way to get your house egged on Halloween is to hand out carrot sticks or apples. Don’t be ‘that guy’. If you want to avoid the kind of sugar-fueled hooliganism that is the usual result of eating all that candy, there are some healthier options that may just take the hell out of Halloween.

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28 Incredible Upcycling Projects for you to do

Upcycled bathtub couch

Reuse, reduce, recycle and upcycle! Upcycling is a new green living trend which repurposes old junk to make amazing new items for your home or office. Upcycled items aren't just good for the environment, they also carry with them a vintage steampunk charm that endears them to those who make them and those very special folks who receive them as gifts. Almost everything in my home is upcycled and I LOVE it! Here are some of our favorite items:

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How To Make DIY Recycled Paper

Green living Blog

Make this incredibly easy DIY recycled paper with items you already have in your home with Brigette from the Free People Blog. Green living has never been so easy nor has eco-friendly stationary looked so fine! Now you can make your own stationary while saving trees and sticking it to the Hallmark man.

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Five Fabulously Free Things made with Juice Pulp

green living blog

Juicing is an effortless way to use up fruit and veg, as well as pack in your five a day on the go. But what happens to all that left over goodness that lies hidden within the leftover pulp? Save money, nutrients and waste by transforming your juice pulp into one of these fabulously free (and embarrassingly easy) recipes

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