DIY Halloween Costumes

Frida Khalo DIY Halloween Costume

The scary season is almost upon us and if you've just realized you only have a week to get your costume together, then relax. We have some amazing DIY Halloween costumes for every family member.

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Why Tagging is the Lowest Form of Wit

green travel tips

Wandering the streets of Rhodes’ extraordinary medieval city, I am confronted by an old nemesis; the tagger. When you spray your name across the trains, or bridges or my neighbor’s garage, I am (frankly) indifferent. But I find that there's nothing like a carelessly scrawled ‘Neville woz here’ on places of beauty, works of art or historical treasures to really get my goat .

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Green Gear Review: Dorcy Flashlights

dorcy 41-0902 ZX review

When it comes to picking out flashlights a few aspects come to find that need to fit the bill in order for me to shell out some cash: environmental impact, build quality, brightness, battery longevity, quality of light, battery type, comfort, flexibility of light/beam and perhaps some extra fun features I am not even aware of.

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Thanksgiving Table Decor Tips

Thanksgiving one

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this coming weekend (Canada), next month (the US) or just adding harvest appeal to your dining table, here’s how...

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Explaining Fall Colors

green travel

Ever wondered why leaves change color in the fall? Here's a full explanation on the chemistry behind your favorite fall colors.

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5 Halloween Candy Alternatives that Won’t Get your House Egged

Trick or treat

The surest way to get your house egged on Halloween is to hand out carrot sticks or apples. Don’t be ‘that guy’. If you want to avoid the kind of sugar-fueled hooliganism that is the usual result of eating all that candy, there are some healthier options that may just take the hell out of Halloween.

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