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From Waste to Win: Everyday Art at its Best

Upcycled art 6

Anyone can be an artist. That’s right, even YOU! You just need a little bit of creativity and have the ability to see things that other people might not. I’ve been on a bit of an upcycling kick recently and that’s what led me to find some incredible pieces of upcycled art.

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Five Fabulously Free Things made with Juice Pulp

green living blog

Juicing is an effortless way to use up fruit and veg, as well as pack in your five a day on the go. But what happens to all that left over goodness that lies hidden within the leftover pulp? Save money, nutrients and waste by transforming your juice pulp into one of these fabulously free (and embarrassingly easy) recipes

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Explaining Fall Colors

green travel

Ever wondered why leaves change color in the fall? Here's a full explanation on the chemistry behind your favorite fall colors.

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Is your Couch Plotting to Kill You?

Green home

Everything in your home from the furniture to the baby's crib is doused in fire retardants. Only trouble is; flame retardants aren’t very good at stopping fires, produce toxic smoke and an exposé by the Chicago Tribune shows that the chemicals that make up these retardants are really damaging to humans. And guess who makes fire retardants? Big Tobacco!

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Make your own Eye Shadow… It’s SO Easy!

eye shadow recipe

DIY Green: Ditch the chemical crap and get some beauty alchemy brewing in your kitchen with these super easy eye shadow recipes. Make your own eye shadow in minutes from ingredients you have in your green home.

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Free Mascara Recipe from our Book!

Green living: DIY natural homemade mascara

Making up is hard to do when your choices are mostly chemical. Now you can make your own sweet sweet mascara from natural ingredients with this recipe from our new ebook, Eat My Makeup!

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Driving Tips to Help the Environment

HWY (1969)

Going green is becoming part of popular culture. Making small changes is also seeing a growing popularity; more and more people are changing their light bulbs for high efficiency alternatives or using cloth grocery bags. But often times the biggest cause of pollution and harm to our environment is so big and obvious we look right past it: our cars.

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