Free 5 Days to Happy Guide

Green living adventure

I get it; it’s been a long, cold winter and you’re in a funk. Perhaps you hate your job, don’t know what to do with your life, are bored to tears or are in a bad relationship. No matter what is getting your goat, we are going to move you from morbid to magnificent in just five days.

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Ravishing DIY Beet Lipstick

DIY lipstick beets

We all know how unhealthy makeup is for us and for the poor animals on which it is tested. So make it your own damn self. The bunnies will thank you and your lips will be tantalizingly kissable.

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Super Fun Outdoor Winter Activities


Ok, its cold and your propensity for hibernation has led to some serious snuggling, snacking and catching up on what the housewives of Orange County are up to. If you are getting a touch of cabin fever, here's how to head out and have fun even when its polar-vortex cold!

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Adventure Travel in Finnish Lapland


Around about this time of year, the winter blues set in and your misguided optimism about ‘embracing the cold’ has petered out. You’re watching reruns of Jeopardy in your jammies while wondering what flavor of pizza you will be ordering (Hawaiian) and scoffing the Valentine’s chocolates you bought for special someone. Well not this year adventure seeker—grab your snow pants and get off the couch because we are going to Lapland!

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This Valentines, Get More Love for Less Cash


Are you the Grinch who stole valentine's? We get it; you hate the smultzy commercialization of love. Still, a day that is dedicated to telling people that you love them is pretty cool, but you don't want your love to be defined by Hallmark. There is a way to get your romance on without spending a fortune, while saving the planet and impressing the pants off your date, all with one hand tied behind you back.

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Ranulph Fiennes: Adventurer, Explorer, Badass Extraordinaire

My beautiful picture

The Guinness Book of World Records describes Fiennes as the ‘World’s Greatest Explorer’ – them’s fightin’ words but they do have a point. Sir Ranulph has broken more world records and traveled to more remote destinations under extraordinary circumstances than any person in the history of adventure travel.

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Are you Gluten Intolerant?

Are you gluten intolerant

Gluten, gluten everywhere and the effect it’s having on our bodies is astronomical. The increase in hamburger buns, pizza dough, unhealthy snacks and processed bread in our diets has introduced more gluten than our poor digestive tracts can manage.

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