Upcyled, Recycled and Repurposed Pallets

sofa 2

Pallets provide the perfect, cheap, natural material to create beautiful upcycled things for your home and family. Get inspiration for your summer projects from these amazing recycled pallet ideas.

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Green Guide to Mother’s Day

Mothers day gift ideas

Your mum is the bomb diggity and we know how much she does for you. This Mother’s Day make sure she gets spoiled rotten and feels appreciated too. You can avoid adding to mum’s carbon footprint with these eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas that are kind on Mother Nature and your wallet too.

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Freaks of Nature Thursdays: Weird Weather

Green living: Mammatus Clouds photo by Share 2 Aware

Breast clouds, fish rain and sailing stones. Do you want your mind blown? Then read on brave adventurer… Nature is often odd, sometimes strange and regularly downright weird. Here are some freaky natural phenomenon some which can be explained and some of which, well….

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Make Your Own Air Fresheners (From Vodka!)

Beautiful redhead girl with flowers isolated.

Air fresheners are just chemical concoctions which we use to mask our already unsanitary indoor atmosphere. The most pressing problem with air fresheners is that they don’t freshen air. Here are some easy DIY fresheners that will leave your home smelling great.

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Winter Gearapalooza Gear Review [Photos]

Patagonia Capilene

As you know, our gear reviews aren’t sponsored; we do get a lot of gear and, quite frankly, we test the hell out of it. This year was no exception and we took our gear to Finland where it was subjected to everything from reindeer safaris to dog sledding. Here are the bits and bobs that crack the nod.

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Campfire Bannock Recipe

Campfire bannock recipe

Today we are exploring a simple bannock campfire recipe that is perfect for the avid camper or campfire chef. You can fry it in a pan, bake it in a dutch oven, pop it on top of a stew like a dumpling or follow the traditional method of cooking over the coals on a stick.

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Free 5 Days to Happy Guide

Green living adventure

I get it; it’s been a long, cold winter and you’re in a funk. Perhaps you hate your job, don’t know what to do with your life, are bored to tears or are in a bad relationship. No matter what is getting your goat, we are going to move you from morbid to magnificent in just five days.

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