Make your Own Moisturizing Face Cream

DIY organic face cream

Want a moisturizer that isn't packed with harmful chemicals or tested on animals? What better way to ensure that you are using an ethical, healthy product than to make it your own damn self! Here is a really great DIY moisturizer recipe

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Freak of Nature Fridays: Farting Bombardier Beetles

Green living: Bombardier Beetle

Meet the Bombardier Beetle. This little stink bug has the best defense mechanism of all; noxious chemical farts. That’s right, get on the wrong side of the Bombardier (Carabidae) and it will spray its poisonous farts in your general direction.

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3 Totally Awesome DIY Bike Lights

Glow Bike

Well Ta friggin DA! Try these easy-to-follow DIY upcycled bike light instruction guides and turn your doh! bike into a glow bike in just a couple of easy steps. LED, ELwire and solar powered!

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African Elephants could be Extinct in 12 Years

green living

Sadly, a renewed fascination with ivory, particularly by countries in the Far East, has seen such a drastic resurgence in trade, that the denizens of Africa are once more threatened by extinction. THIS BOTHERS ME and I am deeply, profoundly pissed off.

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Are you a Traveler or a Tourist?

green travel blog

If you are a true traveler, in every culture, you will find things that resonate with you and things that don’t. You will question your own ideals and those that survive these challenges help you to define your true self.

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Finding your Purpose by Hunter S. Thompson

Green living blogger

Hunter S. Thompson is most widely known as the crazed author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but he was also a profound and poignant writer with a brilliant mind. He was that rare and precious species; a true original. And while his brilliance drove him mad, it left behind these traces of luminescence which make us all richer.

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