6 (Polite) Reasons to Love Canadians

Superbowl Party

When you start typing “Canadians are… into Google, it suggests ‘weird’ as an ending to that sentence, but I would like to proffer ‘polite’ as a far more accurate description. I’m not Canadian, but I have been living in the heart of Toronto for nearly four years now and I can guarantee that Canadians truly are the most polite people on earth. Here’s some of the sweet, sweet ways in which they brighten my every day.

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DIY Pesticides for your Garden

natural Pesticides

So let’s start by saying applying pesticides that are designed to make bug’s stomachs explode are bad for humans too. Since you, your kids and your pets live and play in the garden or eat the veggies and fruit that come out of it, let’s not ingest anything that will give you cancer. Agreed? Great, now let’s keep those bugs at bay the natural way!

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Natural DIY Tick Repellent


Lyme disease is a growing concern as warmer climates make ticks more prevalent. We know you don't want to douse yourself in chemical repellents every time you venture out, so here is a natural alternative that is really effective at keeping ticks at bay.

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DIY “Irish Cream” With Papa Smith for Father’s Day

irish cream

It’s been a tradition in the Smith household for years — my Dad's famous “Smith Cream.” Very similar to Irish Cream, it eschews the conventional Irish Whiskey for a 100% rye alternative. It is absolutely delicious and a fantastic beverage for those looking to imbibe a tasty treat — and for those not overly concerned about calorie intake.

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How Volcanoes Make the Most Interesting Wine


The islands of the Azores lie just off the European coast and present a series of experiences unlike any other you will find in the world. These nine Portuguese islands are linked by culture and language, but they each have their own little unique quirks. But by far the most interesting experience for the wine lover is the island of Pico where volcanoes brew a particular heady mix of seafood and wine.

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Innovation is the Winner at the 2015 Scotiabank EcoLiving Awards


This Wednesday saw the culmination of the 2015 Scotiabank EcoLiving Awards where $75,000 in prize money was awarded to entrepreneurs and students who are creating sustainable designs in the energy-conservation sector. Through the awards, Scotiabank hopes to support and encourage those who are creating innovative solutions to help save the planet.

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Brilliant Outlet for Reclaimed Wood and Recycled Metal Pieces

red beard2

If you’re a regular reader of GreenMoxie then we’re guessing that you believe, as we do, that it’s important to support local artisans; especially the ones that are mindful of the environment. That’s why we built RedBeardLabs.com. Much like Etsy, we are an online marketplace for handcrafted home goods, art, and mancave items made from reclaimed wood and recycled metal by talented craftsmen.

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DIY Organic Bug Spray Recipe

Bug spray

If you get creeped out about spraying poison that can floor a mosquito all over your skin, all over your kids just before getting it in your mouth by accident, here's a great solution: Natural Homemade Bug Spray. You can make this handy homemade bug spray in no time at all and it keeps indefinitely.

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