5 Green Gifts which take 5 Minutes to Make

Christmas dinner 2

It happens every year. Someone buys you an unexpected gift and you are caught empty handed. Have no fear, these very last minute green gifts ideas will not only make you look like the most thoughtful gift buyer ever; they all take no more than 5 minutes to make!

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6 Amazing Upcycling Gift Ideas made from Plastic Bags

Upcycled Plastic messenger bag

I know you make every effort to remember your fabric shopping bags, but inevitably those pesky plastic bags still seem to find their way into your kitchen drawers. If you have a solid stash of bags, there are a lot of fun things you can do with them. Here are some great ideas.

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The Best Non Alcoholic Drinks With Benefits

Non-Alcoholic Chritmas Cocktails

There are many mighty fine reasons not to drink alcohol this holiday season (or any season, for that matter) and I want to help a sister or brother out with ideas. Try some of these and you are guaranteed to enjoy a satisfying alternative with a healthy twist.

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Healthy Christmas Dinner Recipes

DIY CHristmas

You don't have to gobble until you wobble this festive season with our healthy alternatives to holiday dinner classics. You can still enjoy all your favorites without the guilt and without having to add dieting to your list of new year's resolutions. Here are some low-fat, low-sugar alternatives for your holiday menu that really cut the mustard.

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21 DIY Christmas Trees made from Recycled Materials

DIY book Christmas tree

21 Recycled and upcycled alternatives to traditional Christmas trees. Reuse old junk, create a beautiful festive feeling and save a Christmas tree from the chop! The tree will make up for the rest of your Christmas carbon footprint too.

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43 Awesome Upcyled DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

upcycled Dinosaur coat rack

Upcycle and recycle your old junk to make cool new items your family will love. Amazing DIY guides and life hacks for guys of all ages. Make your family DIY Christmas gifts that will totally kick ass and get you off that naughty list!

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Easy Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

DIY Mr. Tea Teapot instructions

'Tis the season to get creative. Use your skillz to create unique DIY Christmas gifts for those you love. Here are some great homemade Christmas gift ideas to make everyone merry! These great DIY green Christmas gifts use upcycled or recycled materials which make them kind on your wallet and on Mother Nature.

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