Is Work Making you Sick?

Sick Office

Feeling tired, moody or like you're getting the flu? Poor indoor air quality in your office may actually be making you physically ill. Take green living to the office with you with these tips on how to make your office a healthy environment.

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What’s so Scary about a Hairy Mary?

Green living blogger

Guest blogger Trudi Holden from A Lazy Girl Goes Green explores the rather controversial topic of lady hair. Should you prune your shrubbery or let nature take its course? Trudi explores the pros and cons of letting your garden grow.

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How to Make a Traditional Snow Quinzee

Quinzee how to

The quinzee is a snow home extraordinaire. Faster to make than an igloo, a surprisingly warm abode for winter camping, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys, the quinzee is the king of natural winter retreats. Our green adventure team has made one for your edification (and of course theirs).

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Bringing Back Bread!

Organic Bread Sprouted Seeds

Gluten intolerant? Eating bread give you a tummy ache? If you have had to cut bread and pizza crust from your diets then you are about to jump for joy! You see, when it comes to bread, not all bakers are created equal. When bread is baked with love, using a slow-baking technique and with organic ingredients free from chemicals and preservatives, you just don't get the kind of gluten that gives your guts the gears.

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Greenmoxie on an Adventure with Sled Dogs in the Yukon

On an adventure with sled dogs in the Yukon

Last winter, I traveled up north to the Yukon Territory in Canada. This far north, the air is rarefied indeed and the truly stunning landscape takes your breath every time you step outside or catch a glimpse of it through an open window. The air is frosty, but the people are toasty and so welcoming that it soon warms the cockles and biggest danger isn’t frost bite: it’s that once you set foot in the Yukon, you may never want to leave.

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Is your Couch Plotting to Kill You?

Green home

Everything in your home from the furniture to the baby's crib is doused in fire retardants. Only trouble is; flame retardants aren’t very good at stopping fires, produce toxic smoke and an exposé by the Chicago Tribune shows that the chemicals that make up these retardants are really damaging to humans. And guess who makes fire retardants? Big Tobacco!

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Real Life Zombie Parasites!

Jewel Wasp Zombie Cockroach

Real life parasites that control the minds of their hosts and turn them into zombie slaves; its the stuff nightmares are made of. From zombie rats to zombie cockroaches, we explore the wild and weird world of the real life zombies.

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Why Settle for Shampoo When only Real Poo will Do?

Organic Shampoo

I know when I wrote about homemade deodorant in our green living segment, you all thought I was an insufferable hippie. But those of you who tried it were amazed and so you're just going to have to trust me again. with this DIY shampoo recipe!

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