9 Easy Ways to Beat the Blues

Happy woman with a two puppies in her arms

Is your boss busting you balls? Do you have trouble at work? Did someone stomp on your heart? If you are dragging yourself through the day like a little slug of sadness we've got 9 ways to improve your mood that are free, easy and involve chocolate and hugs. Feel better stat!

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How I Saved $724 a Year on Laundry Costs

Mother and her daughter folding laundry together

I’m a green queen, but I’ve always been surprisingly complacent about my laundry costs and carbon footprint. When learning about how harmful the chemicals in detergents and softeners are, I examined my laundry habits and was pleased as punch to find that I could be much greener and save a bunch of money in the process. Yay me!

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How to Make a Cooking Campfire

Shot of a man cooking food over a fire while out campinghttp://

It sounds easy enough right? Match, wood… no brainer. But after thirty minutes on your knees huffing and puffing only to have your paltry fire smolder out, you know the struggle. Every seasoned campfire starter will swear by their particular method, but there are some basic tenants that are true for all fires.

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DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe

Closeup of a beautiful woman with frizzy hairhttp://

You know that the day you're running late for work and have an important meeting is precisely the day that you'll look in the mirror and realize you forgot to wash your hair. Unless it's a meeting with a 90's grunge band, your greaseball hairdo isn't going to go down well. Fear not! We've got your back. This dry shampoo recipe is just the ticket to get your locks looking luscious.

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6 DIY Compost Bins that are Borderline Genius

DIY compost bin tips

You have the power to create your own incredibly rich soil with the scraps from your kitchen. Mastering the 'dark art' of composting is like having a super power. It not only makes your home greener, it also takes the sting out of throwing away food that has passed its sell-by date. And come the spring... you'll use your old food to create new food! Here are some great ideas for DIY compost bins on the cheap.

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